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One of the most venerated Sufi poets and saints, Hazrat Sultan Bahu’s life has been as veiled as the divine. Through countless stories, the loveable and fully illumined spiritual master’s life has been told mostly through oral tradition. Using the deep emotions of his teachings, this inspiring new book uses the depth of Sultan Bahu to ignite the love of God in readers’ hearts while uplifting them to greater heights. The Spirit of a Sultan is a mystical new novel based on the true life accounts of Sufi reverend, poet, and saint, Sultan Bahu. A historical biography reminiscent of Autobiography of a Yogi, the novel uses a slight fictional component to create a spiritual atmosphere throughout the story. A spellbinding tale of enlightenment, this wonderful book follows Sultan Bahu’s life history and spiritual journey while showing us all how to connect with God in our hearts and minds. Written in an extraordinarily unique and intriguing style, The Spirit of a Sultan portrays the true account of a saint who shares a great many parallels with Guatama Buddha. Following a man who gave away his wealth, land, and legacy in order to pursue an austere existence in search of the truth while teaching others the realization of God and special meditation techniques, the novel inspires readers everywhere to re-examine their own lives and their relationships with God.

This is a book that details the life of the renowned Sufi poet and saint Hazrat Sultan Bahu. It begins with an account of his father and moves on to his birth and to his time as a traveling teacher. And then 300 years later, to Faqir Nur Muhammad, who studied Bahu’s writings and taught them.
It is a book that while steeped in Islamic teachings, can be enjoyed by anyone seeking spiritual enlightenment. Bahu was not only a divine saint, his writings and poetry impart wisdom that any seeker of God can appreciate and learn from.
I really enjoyed all the stories the author narrates. They detail what we would call miracles as he visited and helped others. He lived an austere life, giving up riches and family life to travel and impart his wisdom. He healed the sick and his mere gaze could convert people to Islam.
It was interesting to see what constitutes a saint versus a prophet in this religion. I love learning new things and this book gave me new insight into the Muslim religion. The Asian history was also fascinating. We now read about these places on the news and in the book, they are full of tribes and kingdoms, rich in treasures.

I encourage anyone interested in Islam to read this book to better understand some of the teachings. It was a beautifully written tale!

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About the author

Born in Pakistan, author Ahmad Javid (Sarwari Qaderi) is a twelfth generation Sufi with ancestral lineage going back to Syed Muhammad al Hussaini Gisudiraz the saint of Decan, a descendant of Iman Hussain, the son of Ali Ibne Abi Talib, and eventually, to the fountainhead of all spirituality, the prophet Muhammad. He spent seventeen years in Iran extensively studying Sufi literature and poetry before coming to the United States in 1993 to finish his residency training in pediatrics from Columbia University. He is the author of Sufi Light: The Secret of Meditation, which is available on Follow the author: Literary Addicts | Website | Facebook
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